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Dr. Murphy leads a team of specialized and talented individuals.

EDWARD G. MURPHY is is a board certified CardioThoracic, Vascular and General surgeon with a long-standing interest in venous disease. He first developed symptoms of severe pain and aching in his legs early in his general surgery residency and was diagnosed as having venous insufficiency. Since then, Dr. Murphy has undergone several laser treatments along with sclerotherapy. He has also been a constant user of compression stockings. Since going into practice in the 1970s, he has been actively involved in treatment of venous diseases. As of November of 2003, he has limited his practice exclusively to venous disease and aesthetic medicine.

After having problems with his own legs and undergoing laser treatment, Dr. Murphy became aware of the shortage of board certified vascular surgeons who are qualified to diagnose and provide treatment for venous disease. Therefore, he opened the Southwest Vein and Laser Institute, which is dedicated to the most up-to-date diagnosis and treatment of venous disease, including legs, arms, hands, face and trunk.

Dr. Murphy provides top-of-the-line laser surgery to all of his patients. Over the years, he's taken numerous courses to stay abreast of the latest techniques in vascular and laser treatment. His dedication to the field of laser treatment and his role as a vascular surgeon has been kept strong by his own personal experiences. As a vascular surgeon and associate professor of surgery at Midwestern University, he has developed several new laser techniques and has an ongoing teaching program. Dr. Murphy is dedicated to providing patients with quality vascular and laser surgery that produce visible results. All his laser treatment techniques conform to the current safety standards in medicine.