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VNUS Closure®

The VNUS Closure® procedure is used to treat superficial venous reflux for our patients living in the Phoenix Arizona valley and surrounding areas. Our VNUS treatment offers those suffering from venous reflux a non-surgical and non-invasive alternative to vein stripping.

Treating superficial vein reflux with VNUS Closure® can relieve the pain, swelling, leg heaviness and fatigue often associated with this condition. Previously, the only way to treat venous reflux was through surgery, but the VNUS Closure® procedure offered at the Southwest Vein & Laser Institute now allows treatment to be performed on an outpatient basis.

Using a thin catheter, we are able to effectively emit radio frequent (RF) energy to the vein wall that will then force the unwanted vein(s) to close. Once the vein is disabled, blood will be rerouted to other healthy veins.

The VNUS Closure® treatment generally takes just 30-45 minutes. Most people experience very little pain after the treatment with only minor bruising or swelling occurring during the first one to two weeks following your appointment.

To determine if this procedure may be right for you, we will perform an ultrasound test and discuss the specifics of the treatment in detail. 98% of patients who have undergone this process have reported that they would recommend it to others who are suffering from similar vein problems.

Please contact our office today at (602) 264-7741 to learn more and to schedule your consultation. Please check with your insurance provider to see if your consultation will be covered.

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