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Subfacial Endoscopoic Perforator Surgery (SEPS)SEPS

Subfacial Endoscopic Perforator Surgery (SEPS)
is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which the doctors use to treat the underlying condition that causes venous ulcers. During an endoscopic procedure, they disconnect the abnormal perforator veins, which cause ulceration because of improperly functioning valves. By disconnecting these veins, they redirect the blood flow to healthy veins. Circulation in the leg is improved, and the ulcer is healed.

An endoscopic procedure may enable the ulcer to heal in only four to eight weeks and may reduce the chance of developing new ulcers.

All of our treatment procedures, from spider vein removal to endovenous laser treatment, are created so you experience the least discomfort possible. Before you decide on a specific treatment, our experienced staff provide you with complete information about endoscopic procedures, sclerotherapy, laser ablation and more. Our doctor goes through the treatment options with you and develops a personalized plan that addresses your needs.

At Southwest Vein & Laser Institute in Phoenix, you can be confident of the treatment you receive. By keeping up with the industry’s changing technology, we can provide you with the latest treatment for spider vein removal, including laser ablation. All of our treatments, such as an endoscopic procedure or endovenous laser treatment, are performed in accordance with the highest standards of medical safety.

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